Videos for “Heretics”

I don’t really think this sounds “heretical” at all, do you?

The tidal wave is coming! There are four parts to this video. If the auto-play does not work as embedded, please click the “watch on Youtube”  icon in the bottom of the video frame.

Spoof video review of Pagan Christianity?

Believe it or not, Frank Viola once actually received an email that said, “I haven’t read your book, but I disagree with every word in it.” Pastors testify that supervising members of their denomination have told them NOT to read this book. I wonder why? One pastor stated he was told not to waste his time because it’s just a book about the origin of Christmas and Easter traditions. There is absolutely no mention of “Christmas” OR “Easter” traditions in the entire book. Why should denominational leaders fear this book if there really is scriptural support for hierarchical leadership?

A great video about church leadership as revealed in the New Testament:

New videos added October 15, 2011–Sound teaching on New Testament Giving.*

Download Jim McClarty’s free ebook A Guide to New Covenant Giving!

*Disclaimer:  The sharing of the McClarty links in not a statement of endorsement or  support for “Reformed Theology” as promoted by John MacArthur, John Piper, et. al. While the Reformed brothers offer wonderful insights into doctrinally orthodox interpretations of scripture (in most cases–and some of them are truly gifted preachers and evangelists) I don’t believe any “faction” represents the entire truth of God. Rather, the True Church is rising and the entire truth of God will be revealed when people stop arguing about words and start listening to the Holy Spirit as Christ speaks to us through the Scriptures and through “one another” as He builds His Church…His way! Jesus Christ—not divisive doctrinal disputes— must be the center of our attention and our sole pursuit.


  1. Recommendation for your video list, Leah: “Upside-down Leadership” @

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