Jesus Untangled: A Book Review

A Review of Jesus Untangled: Crucifying our Politics to Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb
Keith Giles, Author
Published by Quoir, January 2017
Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble on January 20, 2017
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About the Author

Keith Giles practices what he preaches. He is a very good writer, and you will enjoy his conversational tone even when his words seem to challenge you to the core of your being. Beyond that, Keith is my friend, and a brother in Christ. In the interest of full disclosure, I received an electronic copy of this book (for review purposes) before its publication, and I was not blackmailed into, compensated for, or otherwise forced to write a positive (or not) review for his book. In addition, I volunteered to be part of the “promotion team” for the book. I don’t do that for just any book! (Can you see me smiling?)


All humor aside, this is one of the most important books for believers I have ever read. However, I have found it difficult to write this “review” because I wouldn’t have been “ready” for the content just a few short years ago. I am not the same person—not the same “Christian”—I once was. Yet, I remember so well the “way I was”…  I understand all too well why many people might not be ready to read Jesus Untangled. [Read more…]

How Do You Like The Ring Our Father Gave You?

It’s Friday! Someday, the Lord may direct us to revisit the unpleasant topic of performance-based religion (legalism). From where I’m standing in the Kingdom today, I feel a change in the wind. I’ll be writing next time about Jesus—the One with whom we have a relationship!  Let’s conclude our examination of religion-versus-relationship and prepare ourselves to see new blessings flow as we remain hidden in Christ, our source of life! [Read more…]