But…It’s on My “To DO List”!

Is it already Wednesday? It still feels like Monday to me. I haven’t lost my determination to step on the toes of performance-based religion. In fact, I’m now determined to stamp it out! I will wear steel-toed boots myself and let Him direct my feet anywhere and everywhere the weeds of legalism threaten to spoil the joy of the harvest! And you can too, starting now, by eliminating one of the items on the “spiritual to do list” you may have picked up since you “invited Jesus into” your life. [Read more…]


That “To Do List” Was Surely Out to Kill Me!

Performance-based religion (legalism) is one of the most dangerous things a new believer will ever encounter. Some are born straight into it–led there by the very person who shows them the “Romans Road” and leads them in the “Sinners Prayer”. Christ has set me free from it, and I hope exposing it for what it is will set you free, too! He really does want you to understand what it means to be a free-born child of the Kingdom instead of a slave! [Read more…]

Stepping on the Toes of Performance-based Religion

Maybe you had your toes stepped on in church yesterday. Maybe you walked out of the service feeling great because lately you’ve been “doing OK” with the points the preacher covered in his sermon—at least better than certain other people. [Read more…]

They Were “Weird” But They Were Genuine!

I would like to balance what I wrote yesterday (see “The Prophets were Weird”) with a New Testament perspective. It is not my intention—and far beyond my qualifications—to undertake an exhaustive examination of prophetic ministry in the church. I just want to add some thoughts on understanding and appreciating the role of this genuine spiritual gift in edifying the body.  And, of course, I acknowledge your right to disagree—in part or in whole—with these thoughts! [Read more…]

The Prophets Were Weird

Prophets are always “weird”. They don’t conform to the crowd. They often say things that offend people. When they go away, people breathe a sigh of relief. Until something happens and the king says, “Ooops…someone run get that prophet and bring him here to me!”

When I look at the suffering in Elijah’s life, I wonder why Elisha was so impassioned to follow in his footsteps. Why would anyone want to be a prophet? [Read more…]

Two Places at the Same Time!

Zarephath represents, for me, both a physical place and a spiritual state of being.

Yesterday, I wrote about the significance of Zarephath’s location on the map.  To think we can physically be in two places at the same time amounts to absurdity. Spiritually, however, it is quite possible to be in two places at once.  The place where Elijah was kept alive can symbolize a spiritual state of being in which we may be responsive to God’s prompting to service–even when we find ourselves in less than ideal circumstances. This state of being may even become a miraculous thing as we live “in Christ”. Unlike those who don’t have Christ, we can actually walk around on the earth, being in two places at the same time! [Read more…]

Why “Zarephath”?

Why would I name my “blog” Journal from Zarephath? It’s the only thing that came to mind… maybe it came from the Spirit. It “fits”, for a lot of reasons. Today I’ll share one of them.

I can’t say with certainty how old I was, but I know I was very young. I first heard the story of Elijah and the widow—the story of the miracle of the flour and oil that did not fail—in a freshly painted Methodist Sunday School classroom. I can also say with certainty that I accepted the veracity of the story with the same innocent trust and faith with which I sang “Jesus Loves Me”. I simply believed it.
[Read more…]

To “Blog” or Not to “Blog”?

 Let’s face it. I have a problem with the word.


To begin with, it is an “ugly-sounding” word. It conveys “heaviness”. It intones: “Boring deluge of (fill in the blank) ahead”.

Snapshot-in-the-brain featuring Teacher in the Peanuts comic: “Bloggg-blah-blog-blog-blog”!  Unfortunately, the web is full of self-appointed and deluded “authorities” on every subject, eager to share their “wealth of knowledge” in poorly edited, grammatically disastrous prose and heretically twisted doctrine. [Read more…]