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August 6, 2011

Having received critical feedback from the significant “other” and a particular teenage boy regarding the photo header for Journal from Zarephath (i.e. criticism: “You need to stretch the picture out full size!”; “What does that have to do with your blog?”), and arriving at a decision regarding said “input”, I have decided to leave the photo AS IS.  The WordPress template I chose will not allow me to make the photo any size I want to. As for the discrepancy between the spirit of the photo and the content of the writing, (What does a photo of a mature and cranky cat smacking a half-grown minature schnauzer in the mouth have to do with anything?)…so what! No doubt a fair percentage of the few readers this “blog” attracts will wish to smack me in the mouth. We may not have reached that point, thus far…but let me assure you, the day will come!

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