I Want to Go to Significant Places!

Zarephath…significantly located in Sidon. What makes that significant? Geography.

Today, where Sidon existed, sits Saida, Lebanon’s third-largest city.  God sent His prophet Elijah away from Israel, to an insignificant old Canaanite settlement in a land that had come to be controlled by the Phoenicians.  I imagine the people there lived in what must have been the poverty of the bitterly conquered. While some scholars believe the intended border of the Promised Land was far enough north to have included Sidon, Israel certainly never “possessed the land” that far.  The people of Sidon were not “God’s people”.   [Read more…]

Why “Zarephath”?

Why would I name my “blog” Journal from Zarephath? It’s the only thing that came to mind… maybe it came from the Spirit. It “fits”, for a lot of reasons. Today I’ll share one of them.

I can’t say with certainty how old I was, but I know I was very young. I first heard the story of Elijah and the widow—the story of the miracle of the flour and oil that did not fail—in a freshly painted Methodist Sunday School classroom. I can also say with certainty that I accepted the veracity of the story with the same innocent trust and faith with which I sang “Jesus Loves Me”. I simply believed it.
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To “Blog” or Not to “Blog”?

 Let’s face it. I have a problem with the word.


To begin with, it is an “ugly-sounding” word. It conveys “heaviness”. It intones: “Boring deluge of (fill in the blank) ahead”.

Snapshot-in-the-brain featuring Teacher in the Peanuts comic: “Bloggg-blah-blog-blog-blog”!  Unfortunately, the web is full of self-appointed and deluded “authorities” on every subject, eager to share their “wealth of knowledge” in poorly edited, grammatically disastrous prose and heretically twisted doctrine. [Read more…]