Are You Being Prepared to Burn for Something Good?

photo by RobW_ via PhotoRee

When I was in my teens, I was what might be called a “Jesus Freak”. I loved to  read my Bible and talk to other teens about the Lord. I wanted all my friends to have the joy Christ had given me. I read the Book of Acts and yearned to see the Gospel being lived out in the world around me like those early Christians lived it. I saw so many things in the modern church that didn’t seem to fit what I saw in the New Testament.

And then I went on, living my life through my twenties…thirties…well, we’ll stop there for now. It wasn’t always a pretty picture. It sure wasn’t a New Testament Christianity picture…well, unless you cast me in a sinner’s role. I still believed…but honestly, I was living my own life instead of living by His life in me. Yet always, God was arranging my life, even when I wasn’t aware of it. With so much of it behind me, He finally brought me to an understanding that eternal life means there’s way more left in front of me…and Jesus is more than ever the driving passion of my existence.

Jump forward *@! years…

Recently, I was reading Neil Cole’s forward to Ross Rohde’s new book Viral Jesus: Recovering the Contagious Power of the Gospel. Neil was weaving word pictures about the accelerating approach of a move of God that is going to ignite a wildfire spread of the Gospel in this generation. When I came to this paragraph on page xiii, it brought me to my knees.

The dry kindling for this coming wildfire are our own souls that are dying more and more every day and are being prepared to burn for something good. We are slowly dying to the things we once thought would bring us life, but now we see that these things are not at all life producing nor worthy of our faith. [Here, the tears well up in my eyes.] The fierce wind of the Holy Spirit coming out of the desert will fan the flame of the gospel and spread it from one willing soul to another until an unstoppable movement is born. [Here the tears spill down my face.] I believe this and am willing to give my life for it. [Here, an audible sob.] Are you? [And here…I whisper “YES!”]

Are you dying right now? Are circumstances and challenges and trials and fear herding you toward the cross because that’s the only place you know you can run? Is the Master asking you to lay those things down, and also the things you once thought were of utmost importance–because He wants to give you LIFE and these things aren’t at all life producing? Have you, in the past months and years, tearfully admitted to yourself that your dreams are dying and you should have let them go long ago? [Well, I sure have…and let me tell you…it hurt like hell, but giving them to Jesus feels like Heaven!]  Could it just be that He wants to give you a far better dream than any you’ve dreamed for yourself?

Take heart…He’s inviting you to be part of what He’s doing and if your dreams are “going down in flames” it means He’s going to make you into—not a candle—but a torch for the Gospel. If you let Him. If you whisper “YES!”

I have asked many times, “Lord why did I let all those years go by and not do more for you?” And He says, “Don’t worry about those years…I’ve got plenty for you to do.” And suddenly I feel young again. Suddenly I feel like—no, even better than—when I first fell in love with the Bridegroom. I’ll burn, Lord, and with joy! Will you burn with me, for His glory? Well then, let’s go light this world!


  1. I liked this – I too have been stripped of everything I thought was God – Church, large worship services, big name prophets and teachers, “my” ministry, etc.

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