I’m Stumped, But…

I’m “stumped”. I have no idea what I’m supposed to write today for you to read tomorrow. And it will be “today” when you read what I wrote “yesterday”, which was where I am “today” when…nevermind.  I’ve been spending time catching up on the blogs other saints have written over the past week. I’ve been praying. I’ve read a few pages of Leonard Ravenhill. I’ve scoured a few Psalms and turned to John’s Gospel. There is so much I could write, but not today. Because, I’m still “stumped”.

I would love to think I’m never supposed to run out of “ideas”, that I should always be able to find something to paste in the blank white box in the “Add New Post” screen.  In an effort to remind myself of the “supply side” of Kingdom economics, I even went back and read what I wrote in my earlier post, Why Zarephath?. The only inspiration I found was the reminder that “things run out”. I’ve already written a response to the reality of that in that post, and yet I’m still clueless. What goes in the blank white box today? I’m not out of “ideas”—just out of ideas for something that seems appropriate to share with you today.

Frustrated…stuck somewhere between What am I going to publish at 6 AM tomorrow? and What dish shall I prepare to share with tonight’s gathering?… buffeted by demands that accompany the soon-opening of school and minor work assignments my self-employed spouse issued before the red pickup truck roared away toward Places-Known-but-Days-Unknown, I consider one option:

“This page of the Kingdom is closed until further notice!”

The Spirit says, “Don’t you dare!” Then, I realize I do have an idea—one so “simple” it shames all my paltry wisdom. Resting here in my “place of total dependence on Him”, it comes to me, like a Wind-borne whisper:

…Seek first My Kingdom…My unsearchable riches…My grace is sufficient…all your needs…

Yes, I need a daily reminder! I may be “stumped”, but never is He! Things “run out”, but never His riches! I may find myself dysfunctional, but never fails His grace. I may not even realize what they are, but He supplies all my needs!

It no longer matters what day it is or what day it will be when you read this. He is the same—yesterday, today and tomorrow. His riches never fail!

I’m “stumped”, BUT…HE is not! Someone will read this today and say, “Me too…I’m “stumped”. You are stuck between two things you need to do or want to do. You are so buffeted by the demands of your daily life—some of which may be of such great magnitude you’ve never experienced a stronger buffeting—you will consider the option of closing your page of the Kingdom until further notice. There’s nothing you can do.  But even as you accept that fact—as you acquiesce and settle into the embrace of His grace—know that you’ve chosen the one thing you must do:  Trust in Him.


The riches of the Kingdom abound all around us! You’re sure to find encouragement and inspiration in the riches my fellow bloggers have to share. Just check the links to their blogs on the righthand side of this page.  Most of them, like you, are “ordinary people” who’ve set sail for deeper waters—destined to do “extraordinary things” as He builds His Kingdom.


  1. Leah, I do not have an email address on file for you. At your convenience would you mind emailing me at stephcros9@aol.com? Thanks. see you next time.

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