The Prophets Were Weird

Prophets are always “weird”. They don’t conform to the crowd. They often say things that offend people. When they go away, people breathe a sigh of relief. Until something happens and the king says, “Ooops…someone run get that prophet and bring him here to me!”

When I look at the suffering in Elijah’s life, I wonder why Elisha was so impassioned to follow in his footsteps. Why would anyone want to be a prophet?

Elijah didn’t call attention to himself. I bet he just naturally drew stares! He bore the imprint of God’s hand. Humble people could see it and reverenced the power it represented. The crowd and the proud—especially human rulers— almost always find themselves at odds with that power. So, Elijah spent a lot of time on the run. Jonah ran away from the command to speak for that power. Jeremiah was thrown into a cistern because he couldn’t help speaking for it. Isaiah thought his lips were too unclean to speak for God. Every one of them experienced the depths of sorrow and despair.

Then, I remember: every one of them found his place of total dependence on God. Believers ask today, why don’t we see the power of God like they did in those days? I remember the things God did wherever Elijah went. Flour and oil did not fail to supply sustenance. Fire came down from heaven and consumed the offering laid upon soaking wet wood. A dead boy rose back to life! Rain came, when there had been no rain for three years. What confidence Elijah placed in God! Maybe the reason we don’t see the power of God in these days like they did in the days of Elijah—and in the days of the Apostles—is that we won’t allow ourselves to be in total dependence on Him! We aren’t willing to accept what He provides if it’s not what we want. “Obey” and “do” are off the table. We aren’t going to see God’s power, playing by our rules.

Prophets are “big picture” people. They see things the crowd can’t see. They anger the priests and the kings. God shares His very thoughts with His prophets. There must be something about having God share His very thoughts with a person that enables that person to walk apart from the crowd, to welcome unpopularity, and to risk the wrath of earthly rulers. Seek the place of total dependence on God, and if you are not popular because you take a road less traveled—if you see things the rest of the crowd can’t see and you sometimes hear the very thoughts of God—know that you will see Him do mighty things everywhere He sends you.

Remember that the next time someone calls you “weird”.


Tomorrow, a few observations about the prophets to help us sort out the role they play today! Genuine prophets among the New Covenant people of God understand their word is subject to scrutiny by the entire body.


  1. Weird is cool when it is rooted in God Himself — not just in a view of Him , but actually in HIM! Thanks for what you’ve written on this fedgling blog, Leah. May God hold you in His humility while you speak the weird stuff.

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