To “Blog” or Not to “Blog”?

 Let’s face it. I have a problem with the word.


To begin with, it is an “ugly-sounding” word. It conveys “heaviness”. It intones: “Boring deluge of (fill in the blank) ahead”.

Snapshot-in-the-brain featuring Teacher in the Peanuts comic: “Bloggg-blah-blog-blog-blog”!  Unfortunately, the web is full of self-appointed and deluded “authorities” on every subject, eager to share their “wealth of knowledge” in poorly edited, grammatically disastrous prose and heretically twisted doctrine.

Following hard on the heels of the onomatopoeia problem, is a persistent wondering—without intending insult to other “bloggers”—whether the very act of creating a “blog” doesn’t require a certain amount of arrogance. If you blog, please don’t mistake this observation for criticism. A lot of “bloggers” have a message worth sharing and write with a great amount of style and skill. And if I’ve personally invited you to read this, you know I read and enjoy your “blog” and you can forgive an unintended insult. I’m not criticizing you or your decision to “blog”. But I am just confessing I have a prolem with ugly-sounding words, and that I want to avoid seeming “arrogant”.

Humility (or hubris, even?) should surely give one at least a moment’s pause when one comes to that hurdle of a question, “Who really cares what I think?” I found my boost over that hurdle—and the antidote to my hyper-conscientious caution against “arrogance”—in an unexpected place. In his book Paul’s View of Community: the Early House Churches in Their Cultural Setting, Robert J. Banks lists the benefits of “The Arrival of Radical Freedom” in Christ that Paul seems to view as fundamental endowments to those who are “in Christ”:

 …there is a new liberty towards God, which dispels fear and leads to freedom in the divine presence of a most intimate kind…This intimacy results in service to God that is quite free in character. It also leads to a new freedom toward others, which includes freedom from the fear of others’ judgments as well as from one’s own attempts to manipulate them.  This also includes freedom in the communication of one’s thoughts, expression of one’s emotions, the opening up of one’s life, and the sharing of one’s possessions.” [emphasis added]

In that partially-quoted paragraph, there are multiple topics to be “blogged”! But chief among the ideas related to this, (the initial) Journal from Zarephath entry is the assurance, based in scripture, that I am indeed free in Christ to open up my life and share my heart. Others are free in Christ NOT to read, and to disagree freely with my thoughts on any given topic pertaining to life in Christ. As Wayne Jacobsen writes in Authentic Relationships: Discover the Lost Art of One Anothering, “Finding freedom from the tyranny of other people’s opinions is one of the greatest joys of life in Jesus.”  

So, having laid my heart open regarding both my doubts and my resolve, I invite you to read my “Journal” (because “blog” is, after all, an “ugly-sounding” word) at your own whim, and to engage in a conversation at your own pleasure—or not…because you have that freedom in Christ.


  1. Dede Pavlick says:

    Good for you! I look forward to reading your journal. I agree blog is an ugly word. 🙂 Dede

  2. Leah,

    I’m reminded of some thing Milt Rodriguez said at the organic church conference. “we are like lions hunting for meat. Our meat is Christ and when we are successful in the hunt, like lions, we bring it back to share with the pride.”

    I look forward to what (or should I say who) you have to share and I’ll be sure to subscribe so I can continue to partake with you.

    fellow blogger and brother in Christ


    • Bobby, I’m honored you took time to respond. Thank you! On top of the “one anothering” today, you
      ARE! Are you going to Jacksonville for Momentum over Labor Day? We’re praying about it but I guess the absence of resources means, “Not this year, kids.” LOL

  3. Looking forward to this one… and for the record, I struggle with the word {—-} also. I find myself referring to them as posts unconsciously. God bless.

  4. Well written Leah. I will visit often.
    May His Will be done through you to reach others with what He had laid upon your heart.

  5. Great “journal” Leah…. Blog is a very ugly word! I look forward to more of your blogs. And yes, I do need encouragement in my faith life! While my faith tank is full, just like many of us, I tend to get a little weary and have doubts in myself and if what I want to do is really what God wants me to. Maybe he does since what I want to do requires me going to where the “sinners” are! 🙂

    • Thank you, Vanessa! And I truly cherish your vulnerability and authenticity! You are bound for some extremely significant places! Re-read that one when you need to and find the courage to GO. Associating with sinners won’t make you “unholy” and YOUR holiness is Christ in you. That holiness goes where you go! And TOMORROW’S entry may help you with keeping that tank full while you remain in the place of dependence on God no matter where He sends you here on earth! Glad you found it “edifying”, Vanessa. The minute this blog is UNedifying… I hope my computer blows up!

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